Franchising with Spotless Hair

You can now join the first center in the removal of lice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Spotless Hair is much more than just a brand

Experience and knowledge:

Learning and experience are what make our business model successful. We have spent many years developing and perfecting the business model method, setting standards, developing, and implementing special systems for Spotless Hair, focusing on manufacturing and selling high quality products, and developing materials and marketing strategies at the local level.

A Saudi trademark:

Spotless Hair is a Saudi brand that specializes in removing lice. We understand the conservative nature of the Saudi and Gulf society more than any international brand. Therefore, we created special standards for ourselves and created a special interior design for the center to maintain the privacy and comfort of customers.

The first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Spotless Hair Center opened in 2014 as the first center to provide lice removal service. We are the first to bring the activity of lice removal to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we have introduced regulations and policies for the business model of lice removal centers.

Franchise for Spotless Hair

Spotless Hair strives to ensure that every new franchisee is a perfect fit with the brand, and vice versa. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy what you do on a daily basis and that you have the strongest possible chance for success. This is why we follow a process that not only helps you understand us, but also helps us to understand you in six steps:

Franchise Application Form:

We will ask you to fill out the Franchise Application Form to express your interest in joining the Spotless Hair family. You will be contacted after completing the form below, knowing that all your information is confidential and we do not share it with anyone outside the Spotless Hair management team. It should take no more than ten minutes to complete and submit. Filling out the Franchise Application form does not mean that you are obligated to join the Spotless Hair family. After completing and submitting the application, an appointment will be set for submitting a proposal explaining Spotless Hair's business model.

Marketing, training, and support offerings:

The Franchise Manager will explain the Spotless Hair brand opportunity through a 45-60 minute online branding meeting. Spotless Hair's vision, goals and our proposition that makes us one of the best franchises to own will be discussed. During this phase, you will learn more about our training program, sales and marketing, the role of our support team, technology integration, and our products and devices. After completing the offer, the Disclosure Document (FDD) will be sent. The disclosure document is a document required for all franchisors and includes details of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. It's a comprehensive collection of information including our company background, management team, detailed breakdown of our total investment, current franchise listings, our company financials, and much more.

Review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Franchise Manager and CEO will conduct an online meeting after scheduling you for a detailed review of the Franchise Disclosure Document, and you will have 14 days to review it independently and we encourage you to review it with your franchise consultant or attorney, until you understand all the ins and outs of franchising with Spotless here.

Visiting day

Before signing, you will be invited to visit us at one of the Spotless Hair Center branches, where you can follow the service providers, talk to them, and live an experience of real franchisee.

Geographical review

The choice of the geographical location that is assigned to you depends on several factors, including the population of the area, the local demographics, and the number of private and public schools in the area.

franchise agreement

When you complete, understand and approve all the steps of your franchise application, you will receive an official invitation to become a franchisee and we will prepare and send your franchise agreement so that you can start working with our onboarding team.

Franchise application form

Our branches
Riyadh: Al-Izdihar District - Tarif Street
Riyadh: As-Suwaidi District - Abdul Malik Bin Hisham Street
Dammam: Al Rawda District - Umm Salamah Street
Mobile: 0550652051
Whatsapp: 920033861
Email: info@spotlesshair.com